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Three Reasons why you should attend the AADI Summit in 2012

Gartner AADI Summit

Reflecting upon the past business year, one of the most exciting events for Adeptia’s marketing team was attending the Gartner Application Architecture, Development, and Integration (AADI) Summit in November.  As the premier gathering for leaders in application technology, we approached the AADI Summit as a serious networking and educational opportunity and emerged with the validation of our identity as an innovating leader within the business integration community.  Having spent over a decade researching and developing our mature Enterprise Business Integration Management Platform, we are confident and excited to break out as the frontrunner in the market for comprehensive integration.

1. Educational Sesssions

A major theme that spanned many of the educational sessions was the recommendation to consolidate disparate integration tools and multiple vendors into a single platform.  Sessions proved that IT is discovering that application and data integration are better together and that consolidation results in improved quality and consistency, increased speed of delivery, and substantial cost savings.  The educational sessions that the AADI Summit offers provides its attendees with the most current trends, both general and specific, that define the future of innovation within the IT community.

2. Professional Networking

Between me and Christine Hadley, Adeptia VP of Sales, we had over fifty quality conversations regarding the value of consolidating into a single, holistic integration platform.  In one case, we had a great conversation with a $12.8B company that happened to be located in Chicago, only blocks away from Adeptia’s corporate office.  At breakfast one morning, we got to know John Radko, Chief Technology Strategist of Product Engineering at GXS, a global leader in B2B Integration. I also hooked up with Lee Harrison, CEO at Thru, a leader in cloud-based MFT services, and discussed the viability of a partnership that would provide Adeptia with “no latency” worldwide network access. The concentration of IT community peers attending the conference provides an invaluable opportunity for the development of professional relationships.

3. Gartner Analyst One-on-One Meetings 

Attending the 2011 AADI Summit provided us with a thumb to the pulse of the most current business trends and market practices, and we walked away with a strong confirmation of the demand for and value of our solution.  Based on analyst discussions, peer conversation, and educational sessions, we came away with two major conclusions regarding Adeptia:  One; our technology and roadmap perfectly match integration trends and industry best practices, and two; our Enterprise Business Integration Management Platform is thoroughly unique within the industry.   Based upon the presentations we attended and the conversations we had with both analysts and peers, our vision of Adeptia as an innovating leader was validated in seeing the market demand for a comprehensive platform for companies in growth mode looking to rapidly implement solutions to solve business problems.

We highly recommend the Gartner AADI Summit and look greatly forward to attending in 2012.  We see ourselves using the 2011 AADI experience as a building block in the growth of Adeptia and plan on returning in 2012 as a break-out innovative leader in the business integration community.

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